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Sea France Ferries

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Book Sea France Ferries between the English port of Dover and the French port of Calais. The scheduled sailing time is 70 minutes (Sea France Ferries Rodin) or 90 minutes (all other vessels).


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Check-in is 1 hour prior to sailing departure for all passengers.

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      The Sea France Ferries aim is to make your journey as effortless and as enjoyable as possible. On board, children of all ages are accommodated in safe, spacious environments. During the crossing, children can rest or have fun amongst the soft foam shapes. Or, if they prefer, they can sit quietly and watch their favourite cartoons.

      Sea France Ferries is the only French operator between Dover and Calais, the Sea France Ferries fleet currently consists of four vessels including our new super ferry the Sea France Ferries Rodin which joined the fleet in November 2001.