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Motobu is located on the northern part of Okinawa Island. The town also occupies two islands: Minnajima and Sesokojima. The famous Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium consist of four floors, with enormous tanks containing a wide range of species.

Below you can find all the Motobu ferry timetables, journey times as well as our best prices.

Motobu Routes

  • Kagoshima to Motobu / Motobu to Kagoshima
    3 crossings weekly
    22 hr 40 min
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  • Kametoku to Motobu / Motobu to Kametoku
    3 crossings weekly
    7 hr
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  • Naha to Motobu / Motobu to Naha
    3 crossings weekly
    2 hr
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  • Naze to Motobu / Motobu to Naze
    3 crossings weekly
    10 hr 50 min
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  • Wadomari to Motobu / Motobu to Wadomari
    3 crossings weekly
    4 hr 30 min
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  • Yoron to Motobu / Motobu to Yoron
    3 crossings weekly
    2 hr 30 min
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  • Motobu Ferries
  • Motobu Ferries
  • Motobu Ferries

Ferries to and from Motobu

A''Line ferries provide modern facilities with interior design inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian cultures. On board you will find shower facilities, restaurants, and shops.

Marix Line Ferries has two standard and casual ferries offering the facilities that you need to have a relaxing journey including comfortable cabins.

Motobu Port

Motobu occupies two islands: Minnajima and Sesokojima and it's home to the famous Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Getting to Motobu port

The port is located at 905-0225 Uzaki Motobu 5232, Motobu Cho, Kunigami Gun, Okinawa Ken.

By car the ferry terminal is about 20 minutes from Nago city.

About Motobu

Motobu is surrounded by other islands in the Okinawa Prefecture, Japan making it a perfect hub to visit places like Kagoshima, Kametoku, Naha, Naze, Wadomari and Yoron by ferry. The town of Motobu lies on the northern part of the island of Okinawa. Places to see while spending time in Motobu include Omoro Botanical Garden and the Tropical/Subtropical Arboretum. If sunbathing is your thing Minnajima Beach is worth a visit on neiboroughing island of Minnajima in Motobu.

Motobu Map

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Port Addresses

A Line Ferry

Sakimotobu 5232, Motobucho, Kunigamigun, Okinawa , 905-0225, Japan

Marix Line

905-0225 Uzaki Motobu 5232, Motobu cho, Kunigami gun, Okinawa ken, Japan