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Kastelorizo Routes

  • Agios Kirikos to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Agios Kirikos
    1 crossings weekly
    15 hr 5 min
  • Astypalea to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Astypalea
    1 crossings weekly
    13 hr 30 min
  • Fourni to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Fourni
    1 crossings weekly
    14 hr 25 min
  • Kalymnos to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Kalymnos
    2 crossings weekly
    10 hr 5 min
  • Kos to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Kos
    2 crossings weekly
    9 hr
  • Lipsi to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Lipsi
    1 crossings weekly
    12 hr 5 min
  • Nisyros to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Nisyros
    2 crossings weekly
    7 hr 40 min
  • Patmos to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Patmos
    1 crossings weekly
    12 hr 50 min
  • Piraeus to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Piraeus
    2 crossings weekly
    21 hr 25 min
  • Symi to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Symi
    1 crossings weekly
    4 hr 50 min
  • Tilos to Kastelorizo / Kastelorizo to Tilos
    2 crossings weekly
    6 hr 35 min

Kastelorizo is the smallest of the Dodecanese islands and is famous for it's thin houses and Italian heritage. You can book ferries to and from Kastelorizo with AFerry using Blue Star Ferries, one of Greece's biggest and best-known ferry companies. Below, you can find all the Kastelorizo ferry timetables, journey times as well as our best prices.

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  • Kastelorizo Ferries

Ferries to and from Kastelorizo

On board Blue Star Ferries, as well as a range of cabins and seating including airline style seats, you will find an a la carte restaurant, cafe, bar, shops, internet access and ATM machine. Some ships also feature a night club and swimming pool depending on the season. All Blue Star Ferries also now feature Goody's fast food restaurants which are Greece's equivalent of McDonalds or Burger King.

About Kastelorizo

The island is famous for its narrow beach front houses set over the calm glistening sea. The name Kastellorizo cames from the Italian 'Kastello Rosso' or red castle. The red castle is one of the island's most famous sights. The name was given to it by the Knights of Saint John due the red stone used in the castle's construction.

There are no beaches on Kastelorizo Island as such, only rocky inlets perfect for diving and snorkeling. There are however, plenty of wonderful beaches on some of the small islets nearby. You can go on excursions by hiring boats available from the harbour.

Some of the impressive sites in and around the island are the stunning Blue Caves, well preserved stone-hewed Lycean tomb and various small but interesting archaeological museums depicting local culture.

Kastelorizo on the whole offers an unforgettable Greek Island holiday experience with some good places to stay and eat along with the splendid views.

Kastelorizo Port

Kastelorizo, officially known as Megisti, is the smallest of the 12 Dodecanese islands. The port of the island is easily located in the main town, the 'hora'. The size of the island means that there are no street names but on this island you have very little chance of getting lost.

Kastelorizo Map

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Port Addresses

Blue Star Ferries

Kastelorizo Port, Kastelorizo 07580, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Blue Star Ferries

Kastelorizo Port, Kastelorizo 07580, Dodecanese Islands, Greece