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      The Kithira Island is a small, 284 square kilometers island, located on the south part of the Ionian Sea; with many beautiful beaches, ancient castles and churches. In contrast to the majority of Greek islands, Kithira is a 'green' island. Trees, like pine trees and eucalyptus, flowers, small rivers and small water sources are found on the island.

      The district of Kissamos is located on the Northwest coast of Crete. It is the entry point for Peloponnese and Italy (through the Adriatic Sea). Kissamos (formerly Kasteli) is the capital of the district. Today the town is a popular tourist resort with many hotels, apartments, rooms, cafeterias, taverns that satisfy its visitors' needs and demands. The district of Kissamos is one of the few remaining "untouched" regions of Crete with beautiful endless sandy beaches crystal-clear water and unique places, which make your stay at the area, seem like a dream.

      Despite its small area, Antikythera has an important wealth of archaeological discoveries and scenery to demonstrate. An entire fortified city, Aegila, is still preserved on the island and is dated back to the 4th century B.C. The island became known worldwide during 1900, when an ancient shipwreck, dated back to 80 B.C., was discovered in the ocean area off Antikythera and from which was recovered the eminent cupreous statue of Youth (Ephivos of Antikythera) and the Antikythera Mechanism or "Astrolavos " (the first known computer in worldwide history).